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 Our 2FaCeD soap was created by our founder, LaSabrea, because of a life long connection to the Sea and a cause that is very close to her heart. It all started with a Love  for marine mammals. You know, the kind you could experience in every Marine Park around the World, right up until about a decade ago, when the death of not only another sea life "trainer" but also the subsequent death of the sea life she personally "trained" became a world wide OUTRAGE.

(see Blackfish for more info.)


Back in the late 80's & early 90's, when LaSabrea was very young and living practically on the coast in the Bay Area of California, her family took a trip to what was then, Marine World-Africa USA located in Vallejo, a city just North of San Francisco, California. Falling in love with the magnificent sea mammals who were on display, she decided, at all of 8 years old, that when she grew up she wanted to be a Marine Biologist and train killer whales to "wave" and dolphins to "dance".

Besides, what a wonderful way to help save & support these amazing creatures who had been abandoned and/or injured so greatly that they could no longer fend for them selves in the wild and needed to be confined to marine parks and aquariums for their own safety and wellbeing.

It also really helped that they were so intelligent, which meant they could be trained to do tricks, which intern brought in park guest who were willing to pay for the entertainment and that helped the "marine rescuers" pay to feed and house these helpless creatures... or so it seemed after that first, but not last, very magical trip to a marine park. Children ALWAYS believe in good intentions and had she not moved inland to Colorful Colorado from Sunny California at the age of 14, she just might have ended up, in a cement tank (the equivalent in size to a child in a bathtub) thinking she was "saving" the cetaceans

If you don't know yet, this insinuated idea, by the parks themselves, was nothing more than a "two-faced" lie to generate income, literally OFF THE BACKS of Orca Whales & Dolphins, among exploiting other sea life as well.  This soap creation is a representation of the lies & love for the Sea and all it holds (or should) that is Wild & Free... 


/ˈto͞o ˈˌfāst/


  1. insincere and deceitful

Our 2FaCeD face soap is made with Kokum butter, Activated Charcoal & Sea Clay and was inspired by the life & tragic death of the Orca whale known as Tilikum, or Tilly for short.  In an effort to help save others, $.07 cents of every bar of Tilly's inspired soap will go towards the humane treatment, care and release of Cetacean creatures such as Orca's & Dolphins, as well as Seals, Sea Lions, Walruses and other captive creatures who call the Sea their home.

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