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Welcome to

The Beauty of "Handmade"
 is in the
Uniqueness & Irregularity 
of the Finished Product
( n ) the art of stumbling upon something wonderful without having to look for it.

As Luck would have it, I started making candles at home the summer of 2013. After making the decision to stay home with my 6 month old daughter I wanted a way to make a little extra income and also release some creative juices at the same time. I have always loved the way candles can make anywhere seem a little warmer, comforting and even more beautiful. Add an amazing scent to that and it can do incredible things for your mind, body & spirit! So, I started researching how to make candles, made a few and started handing them out to family and friends as gifts and even sold some when I got the chance. I made mistakes, learned from them and started receiving orders for more as the holidays approached.

In 2015 I started exploring the art of making soap, a secret interest I've had since I was young. I started making glycerin soap in the spring of 2016 and once again, was pleased to find that people really liked it and orders started coming in for the holiday season. My next endeavor has been to make soap from scratch and I am looking into expanding my product base. 

Enlighten your Life, one Scent at a Time!

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